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Is Your TEEN Struggling With Self Confidence and Lacks A Strong Mindset...

Are You Looking For Ways To improve Your TEENS Mental and Physical Health?

As parents ourselves we realize our kids are facing a battle outside our homes

~ Cheryl & Alan Condon

Our mission through our TEEN WARRIOR program is to instill the values of independence, respect, and standing up for oneself.

It is important for young individuals to develop a balance between strength and gentleness, as life presents various challenges that require different approaches.

Teaching them to be assertive when necessary, while also maintaining politeness and gentleness, can help them navigate through difficult situations effectively.

I feel It is necessary that our teens learn how to handle themselves with a combination of toughness and politeness, which is a valuable skill set to have in today’s world.


🛡️ Our main goal is CLEAR: to boost their confidence through our special training exercises and empower teens to discover their voice.

🛡️This confidence then serves as the foundation for personal development, and our drills are carefully crafted to forge this essential characteristic into their everyday lives.

🛡️ While guiding them to find the right balance between being strong and being kind in different circumstances.

The Top 5 Challenges For Teens

Our 5 Core Accountability Solutions

What Parents Can Expect Their Teen To Get In Every Class.....

hard target training

Learning To Handle Bullying With measured Tactics: Defenses against Grabs, Pushes, Holds and Strikes

strong mind

Managing Fear and Social Challenges in a Safe Environment That Fosters a Strong Mind

situational awareness

Alert, focused and understanding your Environment (Everything In, On & Around You)

Strong Body Through Martial Arts

Developing and Forging Total Body Strength with an ISOTONIC POWER PROGRAM

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