In 1947 a group of 5 Martial Art Masters trained together to evaluate their individual styles, strengths, advantages of the ranges used and also assessed all their weaknesses.
Known as the BLACK BELT SOCIETY. These 5 Masters then blended the best techniques of each styles into a New and Complete Martial Art based on the foundation of SELF DEFENSE.
KA- Karate (Tang Soo Do)
JU – Jiu Jitsu (Danzan Ryu) & Judo (Kodenkan)
KEN – Kenpo (Kosho Ryu & Chuan Fa) or (Japanese & Chinese)
B0 – BOXING (CHINESE Sil Lum Pai / Kung Fu)
The art of Kajukenbo continues to evolve as a proven self-defense system that provides teaching practitioners the proper tools to effectively defend themselves in multiple self-defense situations.

It’s main focus is practical and proven self-defense techniques against both unarmed and armed attackers.

What makes the ultimate Martial Art Kajukenbo unique is that it is a mixture of five cultures, originating in China over twenty-one generations ago.

It found its way to Okinawa, Japan, Hawaii, and then the United States of America.

The SYSTEM of KAJUKENBO is an ancient art that is still practical for the twenty-first century. As it has evolved and progressed over time just like other technologies.

The SIL LUM KUNG FU influence helps it blends both circular and linear movements allowing in to be effective in various ranges of Combat.

Whether defending against a single opponent or multiple, the system is designed to be quick and effective.

Students are trained in a real life situations and how to use effective and appropriate self defense techniques.

We have found that adult men between the ages of 30 to 55+ have really enjoyed the old school training methods, helping them regain their vigor through an Ultimate Martial Art Training program they truly love and look forward to each and every week!

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