Believe in Yourself


“So fun it’s addicting!” Our amazing Adult Krav Maga Program in Albany, NY will help you burn fat and build lean muscle…fast…AND it’s so much FUN!!

Powerful Self-Defense
Keeps You Safe.

Our specialized KRAV MAGA ~ SELF DEFENSE Program…. Actually Produces Long-Lasting and Life Changing Results! You will get in shape fast and lose that stubborn body fat as well as tone your muscles and increase your self confidence so you feel better & it’s FUN!

Adult Martial Arts
Adult Men's Krav Maga

Ok, So What Is

Easy, Krav Maga is an Adult Self Defense program like nothing you’ve seen before.

Our members tell us it is like MARTIAL ARTS on steroids BUT way more FUN!

Krav Maga training is not just about self defense. It is also about building self-confidence and mental toughness. As you learn how to defend yourself against attacks, you will develop a sense of empowerment that will carry over into other areas of your life. You will feel more confident in your ability to handle difficult situations and be less likely to feel intimidated by others.

Amaze Yourself With What You Can Accomplish

The first step towards achieving our goals is to believe in ourselves. We need to have confidence in our abilities and trust that we are capable of achieving great things. This may require us to break out of our comfort zones and take risks, but the reward is worth it.

So, go ahead and amaze yourself with what you can accomplish in our adult only Krav Maga classes. Believe in yourself, persevere through challenges, and surround yourself with positivity and support. The sky is the limit!

Adult Krav Maga for women

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Client Testimonials

“Training at Empire is truly a blessing. Being a part of this gym as opened my eyes to what’s possible when you put your mind to it. I have my good days and my bad days, but knowing I have a place like Empire to come to makes my days better.”
Clint J
“Empire is fantastic!! I have been taking Krav Maga classes at Empire for over two years and I've recently added FIT classes. Never in my life have I felt so strong and physically confident. Alan and Kevin always keep me motivated and focused. I look forward to going and feel great when I'm done!”
Danielle D
“Got involved to learn some basic self defense skills and learned so much more. This is a team devoted to your success and safety. I have never felt so comfortable or supported in a fitness environment before coming to Empire. I have seen amazing results from the work outs and have come so far from when I started.”
Meghan E
Adult Women's Krav Maga

Empire Defense and Fitness provides classes to Albany, Colonie, Latham, Guilderland, Delmar, Troy, Clifton Park & Niskayuna communities. 

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